Water finds a way, then makes a way. First it changes with its circumstances. The environment dictates the change. But moving water is also a force. It first moves around an object, but at the same time it begins moving the object. It can wear down solid rock over time. A seemingly small shift can make a big different. Simple and obvious it may be. Trivial it is not.
Leadershift, John Maxwell

Proteus, the Old Man of the Sea is from where we take our inspiration. Leadership in its truest form of wisdom, strength, service and humility is a life force. As with the ocean, it ebbs and flows, surges and retreats. It is vast and deep and has the ability to shape shift and transform in response to its immediate environment, filling caves and gulleys, merging around rocks and vessels. With relentless consistency the ocean is able to carve out great valleys and change the shape of seemingly immovable mountains… It is in this way that we view the power of great leadership. With rigour and determination, everyone is capable of great things, no matter how subtle the shift may appear…deliberate focus on sustained behavioural shift, looking within, rather than seeking outside of themselves. This is fundamental to the influence and impact required of leaders in today’s world.



"What you focus on expands. It enables you to lead your life instead of merely accepting it”. John Maxwell

Kevin is an energising visionary who works and connects effectively at every level of an organisation, from front line to CEO. He believes that opening people’s hearts and minds to what they are truly capable of is key to unlocking human potential. It generates personal energy, drive, passion and commitment towards the discovery of new ways of thinking and being in pursuit of a better future. Every organisation has latent human energy trapped within it that, once released, generates a new order of leadership ambition and organisational growth.
He is a master at decoding behaviour and enabling others to make sense of their own responses and then make new choices. With his high impact style and infectious energy, Kevin is able to spark sustainable shifts in individuals and teams.
Kevin is perhaps best known for his direct, accessible and deeply insightful approach to leadership, culture shaping and sales development. He is able to ignite a room (even virtual ones!) with an energy and passion that initiates lasting change.

You cannot change someone’s behaviour, only the context within which they see it.

Annie is led in her work with teams and individuals, to enable clarity on the systemic context within which they operate. With a gritty and action-oriented approach, she partners with clients to interrogate relationships, question assumptions, challenge beliefs and formulate new and effective ways of being.

Annie’s deep care and strength in interpersonal connection enables individuals to make empowered choices that support improved performance and a fresh buzz and energy for life.

Annie is pragmatic, direct, full of energy and passion in her work and has a unique and unconventional style that gets results.

Annie lives in Cambridge with her husband TJ and their 3 young boys and chocolate Labrador.

What Kevin brings…

Extensive experience at CEO through to individual contributor level across numerous market sectors and geographical regions.

Culture Shaping
Over 20 years’ experience in over 20 countries around the world.

Sales Development
Developed and delivered local and global programmes, from Global Solution Selling Programmes right through to customised and localised Consultative Selling methodologies and skills building programmes.

Conference MC
Designed and / or hosted conferences for household names such as Microsoft, JCB, Astra Zeneca, KPMG, and many more.

Keynote Speaking
Audiences from a few to a few thousand with too many customers to recall over 18 years plus (I wish I’d kept a list!)

What Annie brings…

Business Coaching
Annie has been serving as a business coach for the past 16 years. She works primarily with senior leaders, executives and system leaders. Her coaching style is based on an Integrative Coaching modality, yet does not adhere to any single approach, working intuitively with individuals, balancing individual and organisational realities within a broader context of systems thinking.

Team Coaching
With a strong focus on system thinking and a partnership approach, Annie works in a challenging yet highly supportive way to get teams focused, engaged and humming.

As a level 1 and 2 certified Enneagram practitioner, Annie brings a depth of both behavioural and deeply transformational personal awareness focus to both her coaching and team work.

Emerging Leaders
Working in her coaching practice and teaming work primarily at C-suite level, Annie also has a breadth of experience and passion for working with both young, emerging leaders as well as first time managers making the transition from individual contributor to leader of others.

Client Testimonials

“Engaging style; able to connect at all levels of the business; relevant and immediately applicable content; was part of a wider sales drive that enabled JCB to increase market share of our Excavators by 9% in times of a recession and move us to No 1 in the market.”

“What an event! Kevin has just facilitated and compered the KPMG European Risk Consulting Summer School for 1,500 people from 16 countries. He kept the buzz going throughout and provided a consistent thread through our training, networking and conference activities. The energy he brought to the event was infectious, and our staff left more confident, more inspired and more motivated!“

Annie’s multiplier effect helps us being better at what we’re passionate about. Her value to us lies in her deep understanding of our culture. She has used this and her trusted relationships to help us work on our weaknesses and amplify our strengths.
Petri Greeff, Director of Solvest, RisCura

Working with Annie as my coach was a game changer. She tactfully guided and mentored me to fundamentally shift my own self-perception and accordingly adjust my behaviours in various situations in the workplace. She was key in helping me to navigate complex business dynamics and relationships by equipping me with mental models I could easily access and leverage. Annie is direct, intuitive and empathetic.
Erica Woods, Financial Director, Root

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